01 – Wedding day Duration: 5 min 56 sec

Unrequited love and loss. Watching the loss of one you love then key change gives a glimmer of hope, a look, a glance an indication that there is still a flame burning somewhere.

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02 – Nocturne
Duration: 7 min 22 sec

…gentle but slightly ominous lullaby. First shoots of spring but will they make it in the end and become beautiful flowers? Life, hope reality and in the end the struggle was worth it.

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03 -Searching
Duration: 8 min 39 sec

Searching for happiness that you know is there. Hope building as you get closer to finding what you are looking for. Then yes found it and reminiscing about the search, “do you remember when”. Then passing on wisdom as to how to search with a warning that only you can fulfill your dreams so be true to yourself.

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04 – Lullaby
Duration: 3 min 37 sec

Following on from Searching, faltering confidence but be calm there is no rush any more and relax.

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05 – Emma
Duration: 6 min 31 sec

Following loss of the loved one, the pain of loss but it was worth it there were beautiful as well as dark moments and times, efforts brought happiness to others but wasn’t repaid in this life, perhaps the next, a good soul a kind soul that deserved so much more whilst here.

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06 – Forgotten Soul
Duration: 8 min 42 sec

Darker and more intense piece with less reference to the happy and beautiful times tells of a complex and ultimately unfulfilled life but all is not forgotten.

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07 – Message in a bottle
Duration: 3 min 19 sec

A journey which gives rise to many unanswered questions but also inspires a feeling of hope.


08 – The Spider Web
Duration: 3 min 54 sec

Like the spider weaving its web if you try and try again you will succeed and at some point achieve perfection, even if it is not always as you expected.


09 – Recollections
Duration: 5 min 15 sec

Looking back at one’s life, the times of passion, happiness and melancholy.


10 – True Love
Duration: 9 min 08 sec

Gives a fly on the wall insight into the ‘dance of life’ for two people who were meant to be together. It reminds us to take stock of what and who we have and of how lucky we are.