Robert Frost was born in Windsor, U.K. in the middle 1940s. Although one of a large family, music was always accessible as his mother loved to listen to arias from well-known operas. The Church, however, was the main influence in Robert’s early life and his introduction to music. As a choir boy his musical talent was quickly recognised and he was appointed head chorister.

His choirmaster introduced him to the piano. As Robert did not have a piano at home, often, after Choral Evensong, he would hide in a cupboard in the Vestry until everyone had gone home. Then in the silent and dark church, he would play the piano with fervour and enthusiasm which ultimately led to his determination to become a pianist. This discipline to practise daily and to perfect his playing has endured.

Robert was given private tuition by Alexander Way who nurtured and expanded his musical skills and interest. This teaching and encouragement, in addition to Robert’s dedication, started a life-long devotion to music in general. Many hours improvising and composing followed, and under the guidance of his teachers he became proficient in the rudiments of Harmony and Counterpoint, and Orchestration – the latter studied with Arthur Campbell in London.

For most of his career Robert Frost taught music privately. In the early seventies while teaching the daughters of the film producer Bryan Forbes, he was commissioned to compose some piano music for a documentary on the life of Dame Edith Evans. For many years he taught music to students from all over the world at Campana International College in Surrey which he co-founded with his Monegasque wife in 1985. His music work has varied from teaching piano and music appreciation to performing in a series of concerts in South America and London.

Over the years Robert has expanded his repertoire of piano music, encompassing both classical and modern and has now acquired a unique style of piano composition.
Currently he is a member of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters and continues to teach privately and to compose.

Apart from music, Robert Frost is a keen tennis player and shares with his wife, Martine, a love of walking and skiing in the Southern Alps not far from the Principality of Monaco where he now lives.